Faster. Finer. More efficient

For Marking

  • High-speed high-resolution marking on primary packages : polymers, glass, ceramics
  • High speed marking on small parts, components
  • On-the-fly marking on fast lines
  • Discrete marking

Unique features

  •  One laser pulse = one pattern: 2D code, alphanumerics, logo
  • Shortest marking time on the market
  • Highest marking rate on the market: 2000 markings per second
  • Optimal quality down to 200µm code size

Customer benefits

  • Ideal for in line marking : straightforward integration, insensitive to speed and vibrations
  • Intrinsic shallow marking properties : critical to safely mark sensitive devices like electronics components.
  • Compatible with standard industrial vision

What is a VULQ1 module ?

The VULQ1 module is a sub-system in the laser machine design, offering programmable multibeam processing capabilities.

It needs to be operated with an external laser source.

There are 2 VULQ1 modules dedicated to industrial marking, respectively operating : 

  • Near Infrared : VULQ1-NIR-P050
  • Visible range :  VULQ1-VIS-P050 

What is it made of?

  • VULQ1 optical head : VULQhead
  • VULQ1 controller : VULQontrol
  • VULQ1 software : BeamForge (API embeddable version)
VULQhead : VULQ1 optical head
VULQontrol : Vulq1 Controller
VULQ1 MODULE : specifications