The high-speed individual traceability enabler


What is a VULQ1 SYSTEM ?

VULQ1 Stamp Marking solution is a stand-alone OEM laser marking system, ready for integration into the production environment.

Our 3 product lines :

  • High-speed high-precision marking applications
  • High speed marking, secured traceability
  • High-speed marking on hard and brittle materials

Composition of VULQ1 SYSTEM

  • VULQ1 STAMP Marking unit, which includes a laser source
  •  VULQ1 controller bay, which includes the VULQ1 controller and laser controller
  • VULQ1 software: BeamForge (API embeddable version)

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VULQ1 Laser Stamp Marking Systems deliver markings in the many new situations where standard laser solutions marking speed is not enough

Case #1 - Micro-datamatrix marking : DM20x20, 1mm size

Case #2 – QR code: 25x25, 14mm size