QiOVA lauréat de l’appel à projet Industrie du Futur du plan d’investissement national France 2030

The SM4RT.PR0D project aims to remove the barriers that allow the manufacturing industry to be more efficient and competitive immediately, by contributing to a wider adoption of laser processing of materials. Its ambition is to make available to everyone an ultra-precision production tool adapted to mass production. 

Reaching mass production by finally exploiting the full potential of femtosecond laser sources thanks to QiOVA’s programmable multi-beam technology, which allows the laser tool to be dynamically adjusted to the task to maximize production efficiency.

To make its capabilities available to everyone using artificial intelligence specifically developed in collaboration with our university partners. It will assist the operator during the programming of the machine and optimize the operation during the process to ensure optimal performance.

With the SM4RT.PR0D project, QiOVA will complete its range of VULQ1 modules dedicated to high-speed micromachining with complementary modules that will add automation or intelligence functions depending on the application need. These modules are intended to be integrated or retrofitted into femtosecond laser systems to enable our customers to produce ever better products.

Through this new recognition, QiOVA confirms its status as a high-potential European start-up in the field of innovative production technologies for industry.